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Fungus sp 1

Observed: 4th September 2013 By: Steve_VSteve_V’s reputation in Fungi and LichensSteve_V’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Fungus sp 1
Fungus sp 2

This pair of medium-sized agarics emerged earlier this week. Just the two and I hadn't seen them before. About 8-10cms diameter. The photo of the underside gives it a pink tinge but when I actually broke one the gills were white - flesh classically mushroom brittle - like field mushrooms - i.e. not rubbery, and the flesh itself was chalky white. In well-lit grass at the edge of mature oak, chestnut and scots pine. Any ideas?


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In the background

That might be a young faulse chanterelle growing in the background?

Regards ben

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Yes it is

There's quite a big patch of them where I'm standing to take the first of these pictures.