Great Nature - join us for a project as big as the world itself

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iSpot is pleased to be part of the Great Nature Project, from National Geographic. To join in, just add the tag #GreatNature to your iSpot observations.

National Geographic invites you to share pictures of plants and animals from your world with the whole world. So whether you’re on a hike, on your lunch break, or in your backyard, we’re encouraging you to grab a camera and take a picture of the incredible nature that’s a part of your world each day.

By participating, you’ll help National Geographic celebrate the amazing and diverse life on our planet. You can also help achieve a Guinness World Records® title for the largest online photo album of animals.

To join in, snap a photo of a plant or animal in your area, then upload and share it using the descriptive tag #GreatNature. The main event runs from 21 to 29 September, but you can start adding to the project straight away.



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Specifically plants and animals. Does that mean no fungi?

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Fungi are included

"Explore biodiversity with the Great Nature Project!
We’re creating a global biodiversity snapshot! Learn about the biodiversity in your part of the planet by going outside and taking pictures of animals, plants, and fungi. Share what you find with the rest of the world by uploading your photos to your favorite image sharing sites and tagging them #GreatNature. Then check out the other photos on the site to see what people have discovered in other parts of the world. Happy exploring!"