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Common Fantail?

Observed: 6th September 2013 By: Dog WalkerDog Walker’s reputation in InvertebratesDog Walker’s reputation in Invertebrates
Common Fantail?

Moth sheltering from rain in house and only when I had photographed it did I see the very large proboscis which I had never seen before. Looking at reference books seemed to fall into fantail/snouts classification. However despite name it is listed as "scarce" (Chris Manley)and "nationally scarce" (Waring & Townsend)so I wonder whether really this moth.

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The very pronounced labial

The very pronounced labial palps (the 'snout') and the win shape and markings indicate this is Hypena proboscidalis - the Snout.
Pechipogo strigilata is not strongly barred like the moth pictured and the wings don't have the slightly hooked tip of the Snout.

Incidentally the common name for P strigilata id Common Fan-foot (not tail).

Jonathan Wallace