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Female Juvenile Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis)

Observed: 1st September 2013 By: hbrook1hbrook1’s reputation in Birdshbrook1’s reputation in Birdshbrook1’s reputation in Birdshbrook1’s reputation in Birds
Green Woodpecker 6
Green Woodpecker 5

Observed foraging with it's mate (out of sight) in some playing fields

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This is a juvenile Green Woodpecker - you can make out a rather scaly patterning on upper and under-parts and the fact that you can see adult-type bright green feathers growing through in patches amongst much duller green juvenile feathers on the back & wings. However, you can sex 'em on the colour of the moustache: black = female (so this one looks like a female from the original image) and red for a male.

Hope this helps!


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A great help!

Thanks ever so much!