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Are these diplazon laetatorius?

Hi forum! I have discorvered that there is almost no observation information about diplazon laetatorius in Denmark, or even diplazontinae. In the public observation database of Denmark I have found some unconfirmed observations that looks like to be diplazon laetatorius. My homemade mission is to find out if they are diplazon laetatorius or maybe another species that looks like laetatorius, so that we can update the danish observation information. Could you please help me? (If someone have Keys for laetatorius that would be great)

Nummer 1 to 8 are the ones that I have a strong suspicion about could be laetatorius. Is that correct? If not, what are they then?

Number 1
Inger lund's observation

Number 2
Arne's observation

Number 3
Anni lene's observation

Number 4
Claus Lunde's observation

Number 5
Jes elnif's observation

Number 6
Finn krone's observation

Number 7
Jesper lund's observation

Number 8
Jonas's observation

Now the following number 9 to 11 looks like having something in common with diplazon laetatorius. what could be said about these? sp. or specifik species?

Number 9
Linda Kjær's observation

Number 10
Brian willum's observation

Number 11
Elisabeth siegel's observation
4mm without antennas

Thanks in advance

Jonas lutz



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Ichneumon wasps are difficult

Ichneumon wasps are difficult to identify even from specimens, and even more so from photos. The majority of keys only go to family level so I think it will be impossible to get a definate ID to these pictures.

The iSpot forums are very quiet places and not many people visit them on a regular basis so your thread may get overlooked. The "busy" part of the site revolves around "Observations". If you upload 1 or 2 of your photos and post some "Observations" a lot more people are likely to see them.

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