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Tricky dead moth

Observed: 5th September 2013 By: Steve_VSteve_V’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve_V’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve_V’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve_V’s reputation in Invertebrates

This one was flying last night but was dead this morning. Tricky because it's died with wings rather splayed, but at least you can see the hind wing. Any ideas?

    Likely ID
    Barred Chestnut (Diarsia dahlii)
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Thanks for the id

Well, that looks like a good match. Although my book (Waring and Townsend) says rare south of the Midlands it makes a special exception for the Surrey Greensand (locally numerous) and I'm right on top of the Surrey Greensand - loads of bilberry around too. Looks good to me.

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Bilberry spot on Steve. The

Bilberry spot on Steve. The NI habitas website still regards Barred Chestnut as a scarce species with very few sites on the map. This region must be very under-recorded because nearly everywhere I have trapped (about 6 sites spread over 8 miles) in the last month, I have found it. Last night I think I had about 30 of them at one spot. Its probably just my locality just happens to be the right habitat, like yours.