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Wasp attacking spider

Observed: 31st August 2013 By: rosswheeler03rosswheeler03’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Very nice photo indeed, may

Very nice photo indeed, may be one of the spider experts could give you and ID of the prey. Do you have any other photos?

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Really good -

Sharp and clear, great subject.

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I think the spider is Araneus

I think the spider is Araneus diadematus, in which case I'd like to have seen how it got it out of it's web / retreat.

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That's a great photo of a spider-hunting wasp living up to its name! Well worth clicking through to see in full detail.

I expect the identification is correct, but a second species of Episyron has recently been foudn in Britain, which makes the ID situation a bit more tricky, see:

I *think* I can see the "four comb spines on the fore tarsus" that would confirm this as E. rufipes.

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Hi Thank you very much for

Hi Thank you very much for your comments. I took quite a few photo's of this attack as it was happening. I will attach another now where you can see the spider and wasp from another angle, hopefully this will confirm identification.

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I think this is the other observation:

Great to see another photo of this, but it doesn't add to the identification - what we'd need to see is a detailed close-up of the front leg.

I'm not doubting that these are Episyron rufipes, the alternative (Episyron gallicum) has only been found once in Britain as far as I know, so the chance of yours *not* being rufipes is very small. But on iSpot we like to be as precise as we can about the identification process, so I was just highlighting that wasps in this group do need close examination for absolute certainty.

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Hi, Unfortunately the two

Hi, Unfortunately the two photo's I have just added are the only ones in focus that show the front leg. I hope this helps.

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Cracking observation

Think I saw this species at Braunton Burrows recently as well, but couldn't catch it in a net let alone take a picture ;)