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Clouded Yellow butterfly

Observed: 8th August 2009 By: JaseJJaseJ’s reputation in InvertebratesJaseJ’s reputation in InvertebratesJaseJ’s reputation in Invertebrates
Clouded Yellow
Clouded Yellow

Fast flying and easily spooked (so hard to photograph) yellow butterfly. This individual was quite light, with mainly pale yellow and grey upper wing surfaces visible during flight. Pale or Berger's Clouded Yellow probably can't be ruled out 100%, but the helice colour form of the Clouded Yellow seems a reasonable explanation. (I saw a more typical bright mustard yellow individual in Bletchley on Sunday, but botched the photos.)

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clouded yellow

In good clouded yellow years this form is not uncommon in Dorset - about 10 - 20%.

Bob Ford

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Stunning Butterfly :)