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Pipistrelle Bat

Observed: 5th May 2010 By: rothervalleyjrrothervalleyjr’s reputation in Mammals

Found behind a wooden sign being repaired, flew off just after photo was taken

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Bats aren't exactly pretty, and they can carry rabies, but they are somehow very cute.
Pipistrelles were recently split into two species, and you need to really know your bats to tell them apart. I struggle even with the common species, but I think you are right here.

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Pipestrelle Bat

Peoples Trust for Endangered Species has a picture of a Pipistrelle bat that matches this one, but now I read the above comment. So I went to - tne Bat Conservation Trust and it shows the Pipestrelle as a browny colour.
Your bat looks fluffy - is it a young one?

mustang sally

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This certainly looks to be a common pipistrelle, though I'd like to know how large it was to be absolutely certain. The only thing that stops me being certain is there appears to be paler hairs, indicating Nathusius pipistrelle, they are in your area. They are slightly bigger at 5cm rather than 4cm. However, I have agreed with common pipistrelle because I think it may just be a trick of the light, the jizz is right for common pips.

Graham Banwell

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