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Bedbug (Cimex lectularius)

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.... it wasn't in your bed!!
First time I saw one (mounted) I was shocked at how large they were!

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No not my bed, lol. A short summary of how I come by it can be read on my flickr account. There is a bit of an irony to it all as some years ago I had placed a bedbug specimen order with the pest control company that did the clearance job. As was I got them the work, and the managing director allowed me to use his name as authentication of my determination. At the end of the day I was well chuffed.

I do agree that its size does cause confusion. In fact the couple whose bedroom was infested were convinced it was something else down to its size.

Interesting note
The NBN Gateway distribution records for this species make it appear be a somewhat scarce. My opinion is the critter has a bit of a stigma attached to it. Its probably the stigma, relating to where it is found, as in hotel bedrooms and private residences that inhibit the recording of its presence..? Going back to the NBN Gateway, it shows no records for VC53, yet prior to my recording and my request to the pest control company which can confirm that this is their second job involving bedbugs within the boundaries of Lincolnshire.

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Thanks for the info Mick! Shall have a look on Flickr too.
Not surprised about the lack of 'official' records!!

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C. lectularius

Just checked the distribution for VC54, zilch..!!! Not one record hmm!!! Yet just over the Lincs/Yorks border between Sheffield and Doncaster there are 6 records. Definitely under recorded.