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Child scary thing found at bed time!

Observed: 4th September 2013 By: waynebulleid

Hello, one of our children came tearing into the living room last evening claiming to have a big red skinny thing with a sting hanging from the bedroom ceiling. Fully armoured up, I went to investigate expecting to find an alien Dracula... Not so.... Captured in a plastic pot (and released into the garden) we took a picture.
Any pointers as to what this is would be welcome. Cheers!

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educating the future of science

Hi Wayne

thank you for your observation, it made me smile :-) Great to see how you dealt with the incident, your child might become an entomologist after this! Keep them coming!

Ardea thanks for the prompt ID :-)

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.... although it looks like a sting, it's an ovipositor, which only females have to lay their eggs, so completely harmless to us! :-)

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Thank you rockwolf (and all) - when i get in from work this evening I will share the comments and so hope to spark some lasting interest.... Not holding out much hope though! ;)