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BBC Summer of Wildlife

ISpot will be featuring at BBC Summer of Wildlife event at Castleward on Sunday 15th September. Come along and get involved in the activities: snail hunt and Treezilla tree survey.
Hope to see you there!



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Hi Gretta, You have multi

Hi Gretta,
You have multi multi same entries on Fungi Obs. This is probably as a result of iSpot loading very slowly - continuing problem! and you getting impatient and pressing 'add' several times!
Hope event today went well!!

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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iSpot entries

Thank you for that Mark,
That was our first attempt to record on ipads from the field. As you note, some of the uploaded records are problematic as result of slow internet access, wet fingers and small images. I hope to edict these records.
The event was good with lots of children and parents taking part in ispot activities but lessons have been learned.

Gretta McCarron

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New iSpot users

A big THank YOu to all those who participated in iSpot activites yesterday at Castleward. Please note the records may have some errors which I am working to correct through editing.

I would also like to say that if you would like to submit a record to iSpot please do not include any personal information.

Otherwise enjoy recording.

Gretta McCarron