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Shaggy Bracket (ispot ID) - flies associated with it?

Observed: 28th August 2013 By: adambates
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Shaggy Bracket (ispot ID) - flies associated with it?

This has just been identified on ispot as Shaggy Bracket. This example was leaking drops of liquid out of the bottom of it and there appeared to be gnat-like flies around it, maybe feeding. There was also some silk around the bottom of it, which the flies maybe made. I know you can't see them, but are there particular flies associated with this fungus?


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flies on brackets

There are quite a lot of flies that can be seen on or around bracket fungi, including fruitflies (Drosophilidae), craneflies (Tipulidae), fungus gnats (Mycetophilidae, Sciaridae etc.) and no doubt others. Some of these have larvae in the fungus, others may be feeding on spores or on the liquid that the fungus exudes. Difficult to narrow it down to a likely suggestion!

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