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nepinnotheres or pinnotheres?

Pinna crab Nepinnotheres pinnotheres, at has it's own species dictionary page but isn't in it.
But I see it's in it's 'old name' Pinnotheres pinnotheres in UKSI ; whereas in WoRMS it's unaccepted, so which version of the name should be used?



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Nepinnotheres pinnotheres

Nepinnotheres pinnotheres (Linnaeus, 1758) seems to be the most up to date name and we would usually go with whatever WoRMS suggests. I will database this request and synonymise the old name under this when the database is back online after the lichen update :)

Is 'Pinna crab' also a routinely used vernacular that you'd like me to add while I'm at it?

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Thanks for that. The

Thanks for that. The vernacular is Pinna pea crab ,as used in the 'seashore bible' Handbk of Marine Fauna of NW Europe P.459. It distinguishes it from The other UK one, the Pea crab, & is the only 1 of the 2 found in the Pinna shell. It's also used in the older literature (latin name Pinnotheres veterum); (& even known to Pliny & Aristotle). ANNOYINGLY, however EOL use it for the "common pea crab" Pinnotheres pisum & cite WoRMS; but there the vernacular names are "unreviewed..not been tested by a taxonomic editor"

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I'm sure this had been

I'm sure this had been fixed,as I'd have noticed otherwise, but now it no longer is. Originally the page was there but my crab wasn't in it. Now,it's still the likely ID & clicking it gets to "the uksi page for Nepinnes etc" which says says "there are no observns at present with a likely ID etc" (ie back to square 1)Is it possible to refix this?
[NB while my old link still works for the crab the species dictionary link above doesn't & gives 'page doesn't exist'.]