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Nettle Gall (Dasineura urticae)

Observed: 6th August 2013 By: ThistleThistle’s reputation in InvertebratesThistle’s reputation in InvertebratesThistle’s reputation in InvertebratesThistle’s reputation in Invertebrates
Nettle Gall (Dasineura urticae)

Galls on a Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica).

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changing tastes

Whilst this one is on a leaf, I am finding, this year, that many, many more are appearing in the flowers - you? I have more pics and will make yet another post in the hope that someone else (other than the three of us) will comment!

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I am trying to get all UK plant gall postings in one place


This will hopefully increase the "visibilty" to people interested in plant galls and increase identifcation/confirmation rates

There are cureently over 550 records collected

Could you please tag any plant gall records "plant gall" or "plant gall causer" - without speech marks

Thanks in anticipation - apologies if you get multiple requests as I am trawling through past records.

If you feel reasonably confident in your id why not go to "other observations and confirm them - Following Derek's advice - if you go here to get to the next record for the same species just go to the top left and click next

Mark Wilson

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