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Multiple entries

Has anyone else noticed the increase in multiple entries of the same subject. Quite often there are double entries but I have seen a series of up to five duplicates recently.

I'm assuming this is because of the recent slowness of iSpot and the save button has been pressed several times as nothing appears to be happening.

Sometimes the duplicates are deleted by the author but quite often they are not. Firstly shouldn't the author check that his / her posting has gone on OK and then the error(s) would be clear to see ?

Secondly, there should be a way of removing these duplicates as they will distort NBN statistics etc.



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Multiple Entries

Chris, in my experience, the multiple entries have occurred precisely as you identify - the original posting seems to have stalled and there is no obvious reason as to why. Although you can see a change in the border of the Save button, once it has been "operated", the change isn't that obvious.

I have found that sometimes, my posting appears to have stalled, that pressing the Save button a second time seems to unlock the stall, but has created a second entry which then has to be deleted. However, on examining the original entry, it seems to have been posted correctly and there have often been several "Agreements" added by other users in the mean time. I am not sure whether the "stall" has been caused by my laptop or because iSpot has not given the "Saved, thank you" message to it.

I wonder if there is any way that the iSpot application can present a more obvious "Saving" message or whether an "Escape" button needs to be added to the screen to enable the user to exit the stalled condition.


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Not just stalling

I inadvertently posted a double entry yesterday. The first time I tried to post it came back with an error message saying, in effect, that I'd been unsuccessful. I tried again and much the same happened. I gave up trying at that point.

In fact, both my attempts were successful so the observation was posted twice. (I've since deleted one.)


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Hi Ian, I know it it easy to double post, it happens but you deleted the extra posting. My point was that others do not. I have seen up to 6 duplicates posted of a single subject and the author just left them there.

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Prevention ...

... is better than cure.


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come away

This is happening a lot more recently. As the site slows down (or stands still) it is then that Saves seem to get no response from the Server and a timeout flag will, eventually, come back to you.
Beware though because your save will have gone into a queue, which will eventually allow your original in. My cure for duplicate posts is to delete one but the best prevention is to come away from the site and open up again. You will then, most likely, find your post in-situ. Impatient Saves produce duplicates - I know! It's worse for comments as you cannot delete them - I've seen four duplicates!

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If something has been queued, then tell us that and we'll wait patiently for it to get to the front of the queue and appear. Don't say that the post has failed: it's reasonable in that case to have another go.


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Improved Feedback

From today's observations, I note that "progress" boxes have been added to show how well each photo upload is going and also to report that the final save is waiting for ispot. Hopefully, these will help to reduce the feeling that nothing is happening when it is.

I agree though that authors ought to delete duplicates when detected; I wonder sometimes whether some authors don't return to the site very often, so don't see the duplicates.