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Lichen with tiered perithecia

Observed: 28th July 2013 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Lichen with black perithecia i
Lichen with black perithecia ii
Lichen with black perithecia iii
Lichen with black perithecia iv

Lichen with black, tiered perithecia (upper part of first picture) growing on siliceous sandstone part of chapel wall facing south. Small perithecia (compared to black lecideine apothecia near bottom of first picture). No clear thallus. Sessile perithecia, not immersed, each with raised circular tier around the ostiole (second picture). Some perithecia look broken (third picture). Possibly Thelidium minutulum. (Appreciate details of spores probably needed for an identification but wonder if this perithecia shape is found in range of lichens.)


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I'm not sure...

but Alan Orange has just updated his excellent guide to these things, which might help if you do get it under a microscope. It now includes very valuable photos of some species.

Find this must-have at:


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Guide information

Many thanks for help and link to 'museumwales' site.