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Koniks at Wicken Fen

Observed: 2nd September 2013 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in MammalsAmadan’s reputation in MammalsAmadan’s reputation in Mammals
Koniks at Wicken Fen

Used for grazing on the reserve

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Nice animals, whatever their heritage

They are semi-wild and people are told to keep away from them, but the ponies seem not to know this.

It is an unsettling experience to have one leaning right over one's shoulder, helping to read the GPS.

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We weren't able

to get up close and personal. In my experience almost any equine will offer the hand - sorry, hoof - of friendship, if they think food may be available.

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Ancestor of domestic horse

Hi Amadan - I also thought Koniks were the closest living breed to the extinct tarpan/Eurasian wild horse. Where did you read that this is now disputed by DNA evidence? Would be interested to read the article or website.

Gill Sinclair
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Related article -

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Konik ponies

The original Tarpan breed died out and the animals you see today are the result of back breeding experiments by the Beck brothers in the early 20th century.

you can find more information in the observation below:

Graham Banwell

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