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Speckled Wood

Observed: 31st August 2013 By: PamelaPamela’s reputation in InvertebratesPamela’s reputation in InvertebratesPamela’s reputation in Invertebrates
Speckled Wood at Scrabo
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very strange colouring there because I have seen them and they don't look like that. The markings are correct so maybe a subspecies to Speckled Wood???

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Would any of the experts like to explain why they have discounted the sub-species?


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Hallo T-Bone, not counting myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination but it seemed only polite to reply! I think I didn't actually see your ID until I had already agreed and then thought, well this is a bit beyond my expertise so I left the agreement on; perhaps a little lazy... but as it is certainly a Speckled Wood unless there are other recants of opinion from genuine experts I think I'll leave my agreement on, does that seem fair?

Feel free to look at my ongoing (hopefully improving) collection of pictures on Flickr:

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So far I don't think any iSpot experts have expressed a view on this discounting anything.

Personally I am confident it is a Speckled Wood but would not be confident of a species level ID from this photo.

In favour of oblita would be the dark appearance.

In favour of tircis would be that the extent of the pale patches on the wings is not extensive and that the specimen was from Ireland where I think this is the only sub-species present.

If I absolutely had to assert a sub-species I would go for tircis but for me I would prefer just to stick to ID to the species leve.,

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Thanks for your reply and the notes on subspecies differences. The point about confidence of identification at different levels is understood and a useful principle to follow.