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Encrusting sponge

Observed: 27th August 2013 By: dejayM
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A classically textured sponge, albeit encrusting a seaweed frond.
Apparently dead, though pliable, not brittle; certainly had infested a good sized frond of Thongweed (Himanthalia elongata) or Egg wrack (Ascophylum nodosum).
The closest I can get is A.fucorum (old name Esperiopsis fucorum). Half the name itself may be a clue to the correct ID.
I wish I had taken more photos and perhaps brought some home for closer inspection.
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Chris, I wasn't expecting an agreement without a query. You are usually cautious, certain and right (in that order!). So can you say what clinched it for you?

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Seems a good fit;with it's

Seems a good fit;with it's porous surface & large oscules ,with habitas's (& Marlin's).Though the one I found was quite smooth & almost red, & yours looks a bit hairy,some of habitas pics look hairy also; & Jason Gregory's at particularly. Also Hayward & Ryland say colour "sometimes yellow-brown"
But haven't done a full check of alternatives,& just noticed Amphilectus lobata is similar (but "pale yellow, beige")

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Good stuff, thanks.
There'll be a great rush of agreements now!!