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Roe Deer story

Observed: 1st September 2013 By: jimmymac2
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young Roe Deer
mother and fawn
weeing in our small pond!
nibbling on a bush

I first spotted it when I was working on my blog (www.jiainmac.wordpress.com)and I saw two Roe Deer running towards the house. I went to my bedroom which was the best place to view them and I took tonnes of photos (91 to be exact!). They stayed in our garden for about 20 minutes doing lots of interesting behaviour such as weeing in our small pond! They were a mother and a fawn and unfortunately the mother had a hind leg injury.

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Missing lower legs

Apparently missing lower legs like this are not uncommon and somtimes come from the deer attempting to jump a wire fence (particularly the 'pig-wire' sort) and getting a leg trapped. Amazing that they recover and carry on to thrive and even breed. Perhaps they gravitate towards gardens as a more sheltered/safe place to feed and rest to compensate for their decreased agility.

Gill Sinclair
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Roe deer

The fouling of a drinking water source is an interesting behaviour. I wonder if it is a territorial behaviour? I've never come across it before, and not one I would have thought was a clever idea.

Graham Banwell

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