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Field mushrooms?

Observed: 28th August 2013 By: Yazz2
fungi 1 - side view
fungi 1 - cross section
fungi 2 - collection
fungi 2 - gills of button mushroom

I collected these mushrooms on a grassy section of heathland just outside Hamsterley Forest. Their features do not quite match anything in my ID books. My best guess is that they are field mushrooms, although the youngest specimens had fawn, rather than pink gills. None of the specimens stained when cut or bruised. The smell was mushroomy/unpleasant.
Fungi 1 - looks like a field mushroom but there is a naked rim under the cap where the gills terminate early. Smell was very strong/unpleasantly mushroomy. Cap was white - looked like a typical field mushroom from above.
Fungi 2 - cracked/scaly cap, gills fawn to brown, stem tapers to the bottom, some growing in clusters, no staining when bruised or cut.


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