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Fairy Inkcaps

Observed: 22nd August 2013 By: dejayM
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in the hand

A huge group of these miniscule inkcaps - a perfect trooping crowd of dwarfs.
Reaching for web-confirmation, I was surprised to how few examples show scale - I may have overdone it!
The one (so far) iSpot posting of Psathyrella pygmaea reinforces my gut feeling (that this is the same and I wish it was) but that is taken in the Czech Republic.
The apparent pubescence at the base of stems and slight fluffiness of some caps seem to suggest Coprinellus disseminates.
Very pale underneath with more than a hint, in Picture 1, of a cobweb-like cortina.
I shamefully missed the opportunity to see this group at a later, deliquessing, stage.


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Scale is great! They are

Scale is great! They are delightful.
Doesn't me much with the ID though - outside my experience for the moment.

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Cap surface

Your photographs are excellent and show the minute setules on the cap surface very well (very clear in photo 3). These confirm this is C. disseminatus. But you are right to consider Psathyrella pygmaea - the two species are much confused and can grow together on the same stump.

P. pygmaea has a smooth cap (or with faint traces of veil). But as C. disseminatus matures it can lose most of the setules ...


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Thanks for that Alan. It is hard, isn't it, trying to be certain?
I went looking for them yesterday (There are no trees in Orkney" - Darwin) and failed. But I found loads of stuff, some not yet recorded here; many (like Scutellinia scutellata - such a nice name) so hard to confirm.
I will post it today ('I am trying to be certain', should be a choice!).