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Help, stuck on this one

Observed: 19th August 2013 By: eyeballkideyeballkid’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Help, stuck on this one
Help, stuck on this one
Help, stuck on this one

Soft almost jellatinus to the touch.Cap irregular in form,white wrinkled with random fine black dusting and with shocking sulphur spores covering underide.Gills brown or near black as was inside of white stem.
Growing in grass between drive and bramble hedge with large aspen trees.


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Hi, it looks like a Hypomyces

Hi, it looks like a Hypomyces sp. I think Hypomyces chrysospermus AKA The Bolete Eater is the most common one in the UK but I'm not sure, it might be useful to know what mushroom it was growing on but by the looks of it it's way past identification!