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Volucella Zonaria Hoverfly?

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Hoverfly Volucella Zonaria (5)
Hoverfly Volucella Zonaria (4)
Hoverfly Volucella Zonaria (8)
Hoverfly giant (2)

Huge flying insect approximately 2.2cm plus in length. at least 1cm wide. Yellow band down the head. I have never seen one before. See other photo's

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Thank you for the ID

I appreciate the answer to this one as I was taken aback by the size and colours of this species.
What I have noticed recently is that it is the flowering Ivy that has encouraged a huge range of Hoverflies and other insects over the last few days. The garden is buzzing with them. They congregate down the bottom of the garden in the wooded area with dappled sun. The Ivy down there is in full bloom and hoverflies are fighting each other for a sip of nectar or pollen.


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Undoubtedly, one of the very best plants for insects. It is one of the only plants to still flower through September and even up to and through November, so provides a fantastic source of food for flies in the late autumn. It's nowhere near flowering here, though, at the moment.


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