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Water Voles

Observed: 22nd August 2013 By: campathmikecampathmike’s reputation in Mammalscampathmike’s reputation in Mammals
2013-08-22 at 11-45-44
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small mammal foraging for plants in the drainage ditch

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A great set of photographs of a wonderful animal.


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Tolerant subjects

Thanks for the compliment on the photographs but these individuals seemed to be very tolerant of any disturbance. There were people passing by on the raised walk way but this didn't seem to disturb the voles.

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Water Voles

Lovely photos. I have just returned from Arundel Wetland Centre. They said they have had a very good year for Water Voles and we saw many of them in the reed beds.

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Good year for Water Voles

The volunteers I spoke to at Rye Mead also said that this seemed to have been a good year for the Water Voles and these photographs are of several individuals that were foraging near to each other, so possibly a family group?