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At the edge of woodland, facing agricultural land.
Edit: added photos of fruits (very sparse) and trunk.

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I can go back to the site, so please tell me what would help to ID this tree. I've looked through lots of images, but still not sure - the leaves seem too spiny at the edges.

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I am mostly familiar with hornbeam ...

... as a street tree (though I know one site where it is seeding in spite of the absence of any locatable mature specimens). As a street tree it has an upright habit, and fairly distinctive (somewhat beech-like) bark.

Your leaves are more prominently toothed than I would expect. However another hornbeam observation has gone up recently, which is pretty unambiguous (it has the fruits), and has similar leaves. (There are foliovars such as 'Incisa' and 'Quercifolia', but these are further from the type.) That leaves only the habit giving me cause for doubt. (There is a spreading/pendulous cultivar as well - 'Horizontalis'.)

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OK, thanks

I'll go back and have a search for any fruits, and dive under to see the bark.

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Those fruits ...

... are certainly Carpinus. I guess that it must be Carpinus betulus, as there's no reason to expect any other species to have been planted.