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Brown shaggy mushroom

Observed: 30th August 2013 By: Paul RobertsPaul Roberts’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPaul Roberts’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPaul Roberts’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Two pics added taken 9 days later. Pic 4 caps now spread, more parasol shaped, darker (when damp-wet), gills blackening, flesh reddish brown where cut/nibbled. Pic 5 younger specimen taken into the meadow to bring some light on the subject. Gills brown, stem brownish at base, tapering slightly towards cap(?), movable ring. Smell sweet but pungent and not particularly pleasant. Seemed to be attracting flies.


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Found very similar caps but not

I have found something with the same very distinct cap, but with dark brown gills and spores and a single ring and straight stipe - so I don't think mine are Shaggy Parasols. So not sure these are either.

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Thanks Philip, I'm not sure

Thanks Philip, I'm not sure that these are shaggy parasols either. Shaggy parasols usually have a few upturned scales towards the centre of the cap. Mine don't. And mine have remained resolutely un-parasol-like since I posted this. I'm still looking for alternative IDs for them. If you find out what yours are let me know. Thanks