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Observed: 27th June 2013 By: lw6673

No identification made yet.

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What lovely pictures in your very first posting.
To get the most from iSpot you will need to post them individually - I'd advise that.
Maybe one or two views of the same one, also add a little more information, some info about the size and, particularly, undersides if you can.

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I was hoping I would be able

I was hoping I would be able to identify these from other sites but didn't realise there were so many similar fungi and don't have any other photos or information! I have only just been made aware of this site from a friend after giving up hope of ever being able to identify them.

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Oh, don't fret. Your pictures are so good that someone, quite soon, will come and ID them for you. But this is likely to come in the Comments section, as four different IDs will not 'do' in the panels provided.
Don't fade at the first hurdle, post some more, soon.

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Would it be worth me putting

Would it be worth me putting them on again as separate pictures?

Thank you for your comments.

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Yes, absolutely. Leave this post as it is, because the comments may be useful for someone else. In any case it might still attract some ID information. Do try to add some descriptive comment and maybe even offer an ID yourself.
In the longer run, take pictures from different angles, break off a piece of the cap and photograph it too. You can post several pictures of the same subject in one posting.
See http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/361024 as a reasonable example and do not despair if you fail to attract comment or IDs.