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2013-08-19 15.43.02

Observed: 19th August 2013 By: antonypod56
2013-08-19 15.43.02
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This does not look like water

This does not look like water shrew. It is not black enough above. The demarcation on the sides is too blurred. It is not white enough below. The feet are not white. Compare it with Common shrew, I think.

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A bit mangled and dirty

I think the back is dark enough, and the underside and feet not looking white enough could just be down to the fact that this animal looks a bit mangled so could be dirty from a struggle. I haven't seen such marked white spots near the ears in common shrew, only water shrew.
Any indication of size Antony (although the size ranges do overlap substantially, so not sure if that would help too much unless it was at top end of water shrew range)?

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I never moved it or measured it. Found on a woodland walk near Youngswell quarry and flint workings.