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Observed: 29th August 2013 By: bigemrg
A shot of a bird of prey flying high in the sky.

Can someone help me identify this bird of prey please? It seemed too big to be a Sparrowhawk - could it be a Goshawk?

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Gut feeling is for Sparrowhawk, but difficult without anything to gauge size by. Did you see it in comparison with any other birds, to give an idea of size?


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Unfortunately Not

No, unfortunately it was flying alone. However, it was flying quite low, and seemed larger than a Sparrowhawk should be - if you know what I mean! We do have Goshawk's in the New Forest area, which is the only other bird I could think it resembled!

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Quite a hard one, arm long =

Quite a hard one, arm long = hand (=G), tail broad based, tapering and rounder (=G) should have more of a secondary bulge is it was G? head looking down-ish but again looks prominent = G. Heavily barred secondaries = S. It's barred underparts = adult. Size, even male G looks big and bulky; range G is a very inconspicuous bird, likely to be much more widespread than we think.

But as Ophrys points out jizz = S. Single photos can be very misleading, better with a series.

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Thanks for your detailed explanation! I'm beginning to think it was a large Sparrowhawk! :)