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J01_4020 Hoverfly

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J01_4020 Hoverfly

I'm having trouble getting to grips with Britain's Hoverflies. Actually, I'm probably having trouble getting to grips with Britain's hoverflies 'cos I never can figure out where to start looking - it's a page through the lot job. Need to read the front, I suspect.
Anyway, I still failed to find this character and I thought it'd be easy with those markings. (Apologies for fuzzy head.)

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OK, a Question then

The photo in my Britain's Hoverflies shows S. scripta displaying an abdomen which is pretty much the same thickness all the way down - parallel sided. I whizzed straight past because of this apparent discepancy.

It looks as though some of the other hits show a similar inconsistency.

So, educate me, what gives?


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The tapering pointed abdomen means this is a female, males would have a bulbous end to the abdomen due to the presence of a genital capsule, hence they look more parallel sided.

Females cannot be identified to species with any certainty. Apart from male S.scripta, identifications of other Sphaerophoria species rely on examination of the male genital capsule under a microscope

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Great Stuff

Many thanks, Matt, for a clear and concise explanation. I know more than I did a few hours ago.

It's good to get back to, "examine the genitalia". ;-)