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IMG_7579is small bird prey

Observed: 29th August 2013 By: spacemousesspacemouses’s reputation in Birdsspacemouses’s reputation in Birds
IMG_7579is small bird prey
IMG_7577is small bird 2

Spotted this, this morning outside the house. The 2nd pic not very good, but gives an idea of size.

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Great spot but haven't you seen this bird before?

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Quite probably have seen one

Quite probably have seen one before. But there is so much around I have trouble keeping track of it all...
I have two very bad pics of two other birds that I can't place, but so bad I will not post! ( I may have already deleted pics from comp).

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Go on - put your photos on

Go on - put your photos on the system. If nothing else they make a bit of a challenge. Also, I wish I could take pictures as 'bad' as yours of the flying merlin!

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'bad' photos

agree with Mark at Magdalen. Bad photos can be challenging but you might be amazed how many people on ispot can still identify things from them - I know they have done for me. And likelwise these are pretty nifty shots of a tricky to get bird of prey. In fact thinking about it I've never seen one either!

Feel free to look at my ongoing (hopefully improving) collection of pictures on Flickr:

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I misunderstood the size -

And I've never seen a merlin in real life except as a rapid blur in the binoculars!