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Cygnus melancorypha

is in the dictionary. Should it be Cygnus melancoryphus?
Gender agreement of species name follows David and Gosselin (2002a). David, N. & Gosselin, M. 2002a. Gender agreement of avian species names. Bull. Brit. - Orn. Club 122(1): 14-68
David, N. & Gosselin, M. 2002b. The grammatical gender of avian genera. Bull. Brit. - Orn. Club 122(4): 257-282



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-us is preferred. -a is a

-us is preferred. -a is a valid synonym. UKSI currently has only -a. Post on the NBN Dictionary Forum as before and I am sure it will be dealt with.

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May be you could do it this time?


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No need to post anywhere else

No need to post anywhere else - I monitor this forum too for changes :) Andy Musgrove has kindly gone through our BOU A, B & C checklist and made suggested changes, which I will get round to implementing soon (currently updating the lichens - a huge job). The D & E list (on which this species sits) hasn't been updated for a while so I will go in and do that myself.

Many thanks for the advice :)

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Thank you very much