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Species with which Birch Sober (Anacampsis blattariella) interacts


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How big?

Are you able to give the size?
As big as a Large Yellow-underwing perhaps?

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How big

More in the range of a lesser yellow underwing

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It looks very unusual but I

It looks very unusual but I can't place it - do you have any more photos?

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It looks very unusual but I

Unfortunately no I haven't any that show anything more. The others are unsharp.

Not sure but this evening I may have found it. My field guide pic.is not a good match but I have just found one on UKmoths which is very similar pattern and colour.

Anacampsis populella / blattariella

Would like others views

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Definitely not

The moth in your photo is clearly a noctuid.
A. populella is a micro moth.

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But then again..

Sorry but I was fixated on your description of the moth being the size of a Lesser Yellow Underwing and it did look quite big in the photo. It is Anacampsis blattariella as you suggested.
Phew, got there in the end!


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Anacampsis blattariella

Thank you for your assistance.

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Could be Anacampsis populella

Could be Anacampsis populella or blattariella - some of these can be tricky to separate unless bred or dissected