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Spaghetti worm

Observed: 27th August 2013 By: dejayM
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tail end
tentacle zones
shows head

Quite unlike the other iSpot Cirratulids here and
This one appears to be a mess. Indeed I think it's tangled or even injured.
Nevertheless an interesting piece on anatomy.
The most noticable thing (apart from the utterly obvious) are the dark spots on the abdomen, these may point to an ID.
Hayward & Ryland describe it well, for me. " Prostomium a blunt cone without well developed eyes"..."two groups of tenticular threads"..."several pigmented spots".."orange reddish brown tentacles"..
Absolutely MUST be C.tentaculata then!
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When I 'developed' picture 3. I saw the other pigmented spots which look like misplaced eyes.
As always I regret not seeing, even looking for, the key ID points at the time of shooting.
These pictures, like nearly all my iSpot ones, are taken with the Lumix LX7.
Some detailed reading here -
Not exactly the same sp. but incredibly informative.

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Cirriformia tentaculata

In H & R there is no diagram of the whole animal (why not, I wonder) and I initially thought that the Cirratulus cirratus diagram looked like your photos. There are tentacles at the head end and a few on middle segments. However, C. cirratus has eyes, and you didn’t see any. Also C. cirratus has 8 or fewer tentacles on at the head end which is a key feature.
The Marine Species Identification Portal diagram for C. tentaculata shows lots of tentacles all down the body, but images on google for C. tentaculata show some with lots of body tentacles, others with few. I am convinced; C. tentaculata it is.


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pasta teasers

(I am away from home (sweet home)) But I did set out to convince myself, not too may others. That YOU are convinced, Jo, is good enough for me, though I would appreciate ChrisMc's endorsement.
Overall I am quite satisfied with each of these IDs (Vermicelli & Spaghetti!), which represent my firmer understanding of nomenclature and anatomy. I have two other teasers to post when I get home.

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the dark spots

...appear to be internal and are probably where the digestive tract is pressed up against the body wall.

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Thanks Leslie

It's helpful to get such details of the anatomy which may be useful in other posts.