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Fairy flax or shepherds purse

Observed: 7th August 2013 By: Nature naive
Fairy flax or shepherds purse?

Could this be fairy flax or shepherds purse

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I'm fairly sure that it's neither

Fairy flax is a small delicate plant - it's not as ramified as this is.

Shepherd's purse has upright flowering shoots and a basal rosette. When fruiting the obcordate fruits are distinctive.

But I can't make out sufficient detail to make an identification. The habitat (apparently in the middle of a crossroads in the middle of a town) doesn't fit for Galium palustre, and is a stretch for Spergula arvensis.

Is the coarser foliage part of the same plant as the flowers? If it is then it could be an umbellifer, such as Pimpinella saxifraga. (Pinnate leaves definitely excludes fairy flax and shepherd's purse.)

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I see that a whole batch of images ...

... have been given the same location in the middle of Stowmarket - presumably what iSpot translates the name Stowmarket to. So presumably the plant wasn't photographed there.

The map picker can be used to enter an more accurate location.