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Growth on Oak leaf

Observed: 27th August 2013 By: jscarbjscarb’s reputation in Invertebratesjscarb’s reputation in Invertebrates

What's causing the growths on the underside of these oak leaves?

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Two types of galls

For the price of one!
The smaller spangle galls are caused by Neuroterus quercusbaccarum, which is a cynipid wasp, the same family as the Apple Gall one.
It's quite pissoble you'd have found Knopper Galls on the acorns as well - they seem quite prevelent on the good acorn crop this year.

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Common spangle galls yes, but...

...the large rounded gall looks more like a cherry gall, caused by Cynips quercusfolii.
Oak apples have long since disappeared by August.
Cherry galls usually form on the underside of the leaves and can be coloured green and/or red, later turning brown.