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Tongham Pool

Observed: 29th May 2010 By: ab25528
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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about 12cm high and 10cm across

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Common Orache?

I have seen leaves like this before, but cannot put a definite name to the plant. Sorry.

Revision: gardener's suggestion of water pepper can be tested by tasting a small amount of leaf - bitingly hot if he's right. Haven't seen it since Wilden Marsh in the 70's, but remember the leaves as more lanceolate.

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I've just looked at the photo

I've just looked at the photo more closely and realised the shape of the leaves! I take back my suggestion of Water-pepper but have no idea what it might be instead.

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We're intrigued now -

You'll have to go back and photograph it in flower.