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Elephant Hawk-moth (caterpillar)

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Found on garden path, possibly dropped off something? First time wseen in my garden didn't realise until I did some identification research that they're apparently very common!?

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Quite often when you find

Quite often when you find these beasts wandering about looking for a place to pupate in odd places they have been parasitised. Try keeping them in net covered containers, after pupating keep the pupae in a frost free place outdoors, a flowerpot with leaf litter or light compost. In the spring bring indoors and you'll either get a spectacular moth or the huge black and white parasitic wasp Amblyjoppa proteus.

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Unfortunately I let it roam free - wish I hadn't now - either of those would have been exciting. That's a future project to get my wee daughters involved in too!

Feel free to look at my ongoing (hopefully improving) collection of pictures on Flickr: