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Red Kite

Observed: 26th August 2013 By: Ray Turner
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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I tend to be the token naturalist when out walking with friends. This walk took us out along the Thames in the Henley area. A mile or so in this large bird flies over and everyone coos and asks what it is; it’s a Red Kite and I launch into a mini lecture about how rare these birds were and what a conservation success story their presence now is.
Just a bit further along and we see at least a dozen birds wheeling about over Remenham. Now for me this was just a wonderful sight but, and here is the rub, the sheer number of them somehow diminished the impact for my companions. I’m not sure how to deal with this; I guess it is a similar issue with birds like Starlings that appear locally common so lay people don’t get why they are now red listed.
These pictures taken a little further along still.

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Red Kites

... as a kid I remember being wowed by seeing a red kite (in Wales of course) now not too far from me in West Yorkshire there are a couple of spots on a journey to see friends in Otley where they are almost guaranteed. It really excites me every time. But it is strange, what's missed? what is taken for granted?

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