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Observed: 27th August 2013 By: chippy XIX
what type of moth

Shot this in back garden 27/8/2013 I was wondering what type of moth it is' I saw it feeding on honey suckle and hos-ta

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If you edit the observation

If you edit the observation to transfer it from the 'other organisms' category to 'invertebrates' iSpot will label your ID as the 'likely id'. 'Other organisms' is a catch-all category for observations where you really don't know which of the other categories to put it into. By definition no-one can have any reputation or expertise for this category so iSpot cannot apply any weigting to IDs attributed to anything listed in 'Other organisms'.

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These have been

A common sight around NW Cambs this summer. As well as the distinctive "gamma" mark, they have a habit if "shivering" if they settle to take nectar: they seem to prefer to feed "on the hover".