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Fly Agaric_Amanita Muscaria

Observed: 17th August 2008 By: BluedunBluedun’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Amanita muscaria_ Fly Agaric2.JPG

I'm no fungi expert but this looked like a fine specimen to me - Impressive encounter off the beaten track


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Fly Agaric

It is an impressive specimen.
As well as being poisonous, it is hallucinogenic. The Sami (Lapps) use dried agarics to attract their reindeer for whatever husbandry is needed. They just know it gives them a buzz! But the Sami have worked out that reindeer livers can break down the toxins - but the hallucinogen goes straight through the kidneys. So in a land that is too cold, and with a nomadic lifestyle unsuitable for brewing alcohol, there is one way to get stoned: by collecting reindeer urine! Not sure how widespread the practice is (or ever was), but it gives new meaning to the phrase "on the p**s"...

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Fly agaric

If you survive the vomiting.....
I'm sure they call it "Buckfest" :)