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2013-08-25 brown duck

Observed: 25th August 2013 By: kw4667kw4667’s reputation in Birdskw4667’s reputation in Birdskw4667’s reputation in Birds
2013-08-25 brown duck

Brown mottled duck with large orange bill. Speculum not visible. Bill seems large for a mallard but I'm not sure it's large enough for a shoveler.

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Brown duck

The Shoveler is following a Wigeon I think!


Alan Brampton (Benson)

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Brown duck

Thanks Alan, that would have been my next question!

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Brown duck

thanks guys, I've never been very sure of id-ing a shoveler.

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re Brown Duck


All of the ducks look the same to me at this time of year. However, the dead giveaway is the huge, it just doesn't look right, bill on the shoveler.


Bill Henderson