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What Is this bird please?

Observed: 6th August 2013 By: Debnix22

Seen in my sisters garden in Worthing, visited for a few days.

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Starling - really?

Starling was my first thought - but it appears to have a pinkish face, the bill seems long - and the wing bars seem odd to me.

Could this be an escapee I wonder?

Alan Brampton (Benson)

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I agree it looks different to normal, but pretty sure it is just a Starling. If you look at others on the carousel, young birds, they do seem to retain juvenile secondaries until late in their post-juvenile moult, as several can be seen with the same pale wing panel.


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Pinky faced starling??

Thank you for suggestions! I have had dozens of starlings in my garden over the years, young and adult but it is the colouring on the face and different markings in the feathers which are new to me and my sister! I also wondered could it be an escapee or maybe it just had its head too long in some berry juice!!

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Perhaps not...

... berry juice but quite likely pollen of some kind. There are a few examples of birds from a number of species with odd colouration for this reason around the interweb and even here on iSpot.



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