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Updated with new purply flower photo

Observed: 22nd August 2013 By: DorisDoris’s reputation in PlantsDoris’s reputation in PlantsDoris’s reputation in Plants

Better photo than previously uploaded, definitely not a purple loosestrife, may be a garden escapee

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Purple Loosestrife

The colour and texture of the petals put me in mind of this but I'd need a closer look.

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The satellite image

Shows a pond, so I'd say Peachysteve could well be right.

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Can you explain...

...why you think it's not Purple Loosestrife? I agree with Amadan, can't think of anything else it could be.

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Lythrum salicaria usually ...

... has 6 petals to a flower and 2 sets of 6 stamens. However it is known to sometimes has fewer at least petals.

The top flower here has 4 petals and 2 sets of 5 stamens. The next flower down has 6 petals, but some of them are rather small.

The flowers are also supposed to be clustered in whorls, which doesn't appear to be the case here.

However I think that this does have to be (a poorly grown) Lythrum salicaria.

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I was hoping that Doris would respond, as she seems definite that it's not Purple Loosestrife.

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Certainly not a textbook specimen

But the structure and petal shape seems to rule out (say) willow-herbs.

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Purply flower

Yes, probably is a Purple Loosestrife having had the better photo and found out about the variation in number of petals. thank you all!