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Unknown Small Wader

Observed: 17th April 2013 By: JamesCommonJamesCommon’s reputation in BirdsJamesCommon’s reputation in BirdsJamesCommon’s reputation in Birds

Worst photo known to mankind and probably not enough to make a conclusive identification but worth a shot..
The bird was incredibly small and appeared quite pale in flight as it took off.
Sorry for the bad photo.

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Dunlin perhaps??

Dunlin perhaps??

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Young ringed plover or

Young ringed plover or similar.

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I'm sure it wasn't a Plover, Dunlin is a possibility! A few others thought Little Stint? The small size and pale underparts seem to fit but i'm clueless!

James Common
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Little Stint

Looks the likeliest. Not a plover - no plover has tramlines on the back. The apparently very short bill and rather patchy face pattern that's suggested, and the collar effect across he upper breast all look OK for Little Stint, but Ophrys' ID is as far as you can probably safely go with it. I'd expect a Dunlin to look more streaked below on the breast & flanks (juv) or have traces of black belly still.


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Thank you!

Thanks, Little Stint is a first for the patch so i'm extremely happy about that!

James Common
Twitter: @CommonByNature

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Little Stint is not a first for your patch on the basis of this photo! There is no way you can claim any species from the photo, unfortunately...sorry! Try to get a better photo, next time. :)


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