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St Johns Wort?

Observed: 19th August 2013 By: Nature naive

St Johns Wort? Gone over and seeding

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I can't tell which Hypericum ...

... this is (but someone else might be able to), but you've got what looks like an interesting sedge or rush in the picture as well.

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Interesting sedge

Thank you for your comment. I did notice the sedge and i am trying to identify that too. Any ideas?

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There seems to be only one form of inflorescence ...

... which makes it subgenus Vignea rather than subgenus Carex. Subgenus Vignea is the easier half of the genus, with Carex paniculata, Carex otrubae, Carex leporina and Carex remota reasonably common, and distinguishable from each other (but not necessarily easily so from some rarer species). Your plant is none of these, and is a species I don't know. Looking at a book the combination of well-spaced inflorescences become moring clustered towards the apex and short bracts makes it Carex divulsa sensu lato.

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Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help lavateraguy