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Observed: 19th August 2013 By: celliscellis’s reputation in Invertebratescellis’s reputation in Invertebratescellis’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Latitude and longitude

Sorry for the double posting. I've tried the best I can to find a spot on the map, as close as I can to the sighting, it seems to me that you can only record a sighting in places with a postcode.Is that right, or is it another way?

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You can drag the location tag

to the right point on the map. It will usually put up a location name based on street/postcode (the nearest it can find), but you can then edit that to (say) "Archer's Wood", or "Unnamed Pond".
Be sure to add any additional text (e.g. "nearest I can get", or "Birch woodland on clay") at this point, you can't edit it later. Any changes made to another post at this location will only apply to that observation, not all the others.