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Cheeky Dunnock

Observed: 17th March 2010 By: Colin007Colin007’s reputation in BirdsColin007’s reputation in BirdsColin007’s reputation in Birds

Bit like a house sparrow but with a sharp beak!

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Great photo!

You can see the likeness, until you notice the beak.
I was castigated for referring to "hedge sparrows" when commenting on an earlier post, but to my parent's generation in the East Midlands, the word "dunnock" was completely unknown.

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And what would they think of

And what would they think of their other name - Hedge Accentor!

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I've always known these as

I've always known these as hedge sparrows. I know they're not sparrows but I think the common name somehow suits them. They look like sparrows and they live in hedges. I can't understand why you would be castigated for claiming such a common and well known name for these birds!!!

Just go out there and do it!!!

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Many people still know these as Hedge Sparrows.

Hedge Sparrow is a correct common name which applies specifically to this species, and there are still people who know it by this name rather than Dunnock.

In the observation that Roger refers to ( ) it is true that both the OP and myself disagreed with the use of the name Hedge Sparrow. I wouldn't say that you were castigated for using the name though Roger (far too strong a term), we simply pointed out that we both prefer Dunnock to be used - and that is now probably the most widely used name for the species in Britain.